Online Webinars

Human Study e.V. uses the advantages of new communication technologies as well as its experience in providing distance-learning programs in order to organize worldwide webinars on a number of topics in the sphere of prosthetic and orthotic practice. HS engages highly qualified personnel known worldwide in their specific expertise with the ability to share and upgrade scientific knowledge and newest practical trends in P&O.

The well experienced and highly professional Human Study e.V. IT Team also provides instructions and technical support for the establishment of various platforms for any organization willing to build a tool for transfer of education through the Internet (web-based).

It is important to mention that the online webinars, with the same quality of knowledge transfer, come at the fraction of the cost of on-site seminars/workshops. ( to list all potential online webinars that HS is capable of providing).

For any further question you can contact us and we will advise and assist you in creating your educational distance-learning platform as well as organize any kind of webinar related to prosthetics and orthotics.