In 2012 the first group of 12 students from Tunisia enrolled the Human Study e.V. Category II Program organized in cooperation with the Center of Orthopedic Appliances. HS implements its 5-semester program in order to provide P&O technicians from Tunisia with additional knowledge and practice through blended distance-learning program that is successfully being held in other regions.

In the scope of the program „German-Tunisian Educational Partnership for Orthopedic Technology“ a group of 23 P&O technicians from Tunisia, Mali and Benin, mainly employees of the Center of Orthopedic Appliances from Tunisia, as well as private technicians, enrolled HS educational program in 2012. Practical seminars/workshops for this group are organized at the Max Born Vocational Institute in Germany in order to enable Tunisian practicionaires to compare technical methods and work-place organization in Germany and Tunisia and give impulses for improvements in their local workshops.

Since currently there are no technicians possessing Category I qualifications in Tunisia, HS is engaged in this project in order to empower certain number of technicians at ISPO Category II level and enable them to continue education in order to gain Category I qualification in the future. The Category I/ Bachelor Program started in 2016.

10 Students from Tunisia are currently enrolled in the Human Study e.V. Orthopedic Technologist, ISPO Cat II program in cooperation with Sequa gGmbH and the Center of Orthopedic Alliances in Tunis. This program is conducted in French language. Educational Program Duration: 5 Semesters.

9 Students from Tunisia are currently enrolled in the Human Study e.V. In the ISPO Cat.I/Bachelor Program. This program is conducted in English language. Educational Program Duration: 6 Semesters.