In 2013 Human Study e.V. started the implementation of the blended distance-learning Bachelor Program aiming for the ISPO Category I Recognition for 12 P&O practitioners from Afghanistan. This educational program is implemented in cooperation with the Sirindhorn School of Prosthetics and Orthotics of Mahidol University and in official cooperation by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

This program is designed to greatly improve the P&O situation in Afghanistan. The selected participants are the top Afghan orthopedic professionals, previously educated by the ICRC on ISPO Category II level. They will be the first ever Afghan P&O professionals who will gain the highest level of education in this field, thus becoming the first clinical educators that will be able to transfer knowledge to new generations to come.

They will not only be the most experienced professionals but also ones who will understand methodological and didactical methods, the health care structure and the technical system of production. They will be able to represent true teaching authority over P&O apprentice.