Abdalmowla has started his P&O education with Human Study e.V. in 2015, successfully graduating on ISPO Category II level in November 2017.
He is currently preparing himself for the iSPO Category I /Bachelor Upgrade class in collaboration with Mahidol University, which will enable him not only to upgrade his P&O knowledge and skills to a higher level, but also to become a trainer for future P&O generations in Syria and the region.
Please check out this video by SEMA (Syrian Expatriate Medical Association), explaining the struggles that Abdalmowla has faced in his young life, which made him fight even harder for a better future for himself and his patients.
If you would like to support Abdalmowla and his colleagues in their pursuit of becoming future P&O trainers, please contact us

With this appeal we would like to draw your attention to our efforts of providing continued educational opportunities to the orthopaedic practitioners in Syria.

Human Study e.V. is currently implementing an educational program in prosthetics and orthotics (P&O) in cooperation with sequa gGmbH, supported by the German Federal Foreign Office. We have 14 practitioners in Syria enrolled in an educational program which complies with WHO/ISPO standards and is accredited by the International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics (www.ispoint.org) on ISPO Cat. II level. Successful graduates of this educational program will be qualified to independently provide competent prosthetic and orthotic services to their patients, whose number increases as the Syrian conflict continues to rage.

At least 30,000 Syrians have lost limbs in the war, according to conservative estimates.

With at least 60 new amputees registered in Syria each week, medical professionals are struggling to keep up with the demand for prosthetics.

Our Syrian students will finalize their education in the current program by the end of this year. Their education on this level will, however, not be sufficient to cover the urgent need for P&O Trainers and Teachers in the region.

For this reason, Human Study e.V. is aiming to continue the education of successful graduates of the abovementioned program and train them into teachers and trainers in their profession. By ensuring that the local professionals are able to train new generations of Orthopedic Technologists themselves, our work will have the lasting impact that we aim for.

We plan to start the Training of Trainers program for Syrians in January 2018.

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Help us in our efforts to enable the Syrian students to continue their studies on a higher level and become qualified P&O teachers and trainers in their region.

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